Air Conditioner repair technician discussing the homeowner's AC questions

Timely Air Conditioner Repair When You Need It Most

After a long season of use, your A/C will go through a lot of wear and tear. Fortunately, that’s where the experts at JM Heating + Cooling come in. Our professional air conditioner repair can help you stay comfortable whenever you need it. Learn more about our services below, and call 262-229-7571 for timely repair.

What’s Wrong With Your A/C?

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, is rattling or grinding, or smells strange, it’s time to call in a professional to fix it. These problems aren’t only frustrating and uncomfortable, but they can also be a big drain on your energy bills.

Here are some common causes of air conditioner problems:

  • The drain might be clogged, producing warm air from the unit
  • Refrigerant is low or leaking, causing a frozen evaporator coil and A/C shutdown
  • The air filter is dirty, leading to warm air or uneven temperatures throughout the house
  • The blower, compressor, or fan has failed, leading to electrical shut down
  • Seals are open or condensate pan is damaged, resulting in duct or outdoor leaks
  • Sensors are malfunctioning, causing irregular air conditioning cycles

Count on Our Expert Air Conditioner Diagnosis and Repair

If your A/C isn’t working right or has unexpectedly shut down, it’s important to contact the air conditioning professionals at JM Heating as soon as possible for a thorough inspection. Our certified HVAC technicians will come to your home and pinpoint the root cause of the issue—something we’ve done time and again for customers like you.

Once we’d identified the problem, we’ll provide a thorough estimate before beginning any work. The good news is that most air conditioner repairs can be done the same day so you can get back to comfort as soon as possible.

Please note that if your air conditioner is 20 years old or more, we can certainly do our best to make things right again, but it’s probably time to start budgeting for a newer, more efficient air conditioner from Bryant®.

From Small Fixes to Major Repairs, Trust JM Heating

Take control of your home comfort today by calling JM Heating at 262-229-7571 for expert A/C repair. Or fill out a quick form describing your A/C issues to schedule an appointment. We offer free estimates and 24-hour service.