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UV Lights and Air Ventilators Can Help Clean Your Home

Your HVAC systems are crucial to your comfort, but they aren’t always effective in controlling mold, bacteria, and airborne viruses. Thankfully, JM Heating and Cooling has the answer—UV lights and air ventilators. Learn more about how they can improve your health below, then call 262-229-7571 to see if they’re right for your home.

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UV Lights Kill Bacteria and Mold on the Spot

Already used in hospitals, laboratories, and healthcare settings, ultraviolet (UV) lights have also been a breakthrough in the HVAC industry as an effective way to kill germs. Using targeted broad-spectrum light, these systems effectively destroy microorganisms. They’re especially ideal for reducing the majority of mold spores and airborne bacteria that can grow on your HVAC system’s coils.

These lights also help your HVAC systems run more efficiently, as they don’t have to work to push air past all those contaminants. They even help eliminate bad odors throughout your home. So if you need a cost-effective solution for mold and mildew, start by installing UV lights.

Air Ventilators Bring in Fresh Air From Outside

Another way you can improve the indoor air quality in your home is through air ventilators. These handy units help introduce pre-conditioned fresh outdoor air while simultaneously discharging stale air.

For those who suffer from bad allergies, a whole-house air ventilation system is a great way to get fresh air without letting things like pollen and dander inside. These units are also a lot more convenient than opening a window or door. You’ll also notice a significant reduction both in moisture and odors caused from activities like cooking. In some cases, a ventilator can actually be more effective than a single bathroom or kitchen hood fan.

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Contact JM Heating for All Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Keeping indoor air clean and fresh is a challenge that JM Heating knows well. We’re well-versed in helping your home stay clean and safe, and installing UV lights and air ventilators is a great way to do just that.

From Slinger to its nearby areas, you can trust our more than 20 years of experience enhancing your indoor air quality. Contact us today for the UV light or air ventilator system to fit your needs and budget.