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Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance Protects Your System

Your home cooling system is a major investment. The best way to protect it? Schedule annual air conditioner maintenance with JM Heating and Cooling. This simple service can prolong your unit’s lifespan, keep it running smoothly, and get the most out of its warranty—give us a call at 262-229-7571 to set up an appointment today.

What Goes Into Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Over time, your A/Cs condenser, coils, and filter are subject to natural contaminants and general wear and tear that can degrade performance or lead to further damage if not periodically inspected. A quick tune-up now can easily save you from service repairs later and ensure your air conditioner uses the minimum amount of energy needed for effective operation.

During preventive A/C maintenance, our HVAC technicians have a checklist that applies to virtually all makes and models, such as Bryant®. That includes:

Diagnosing and Replacing Wires Slinger, WI
Cleaning the iside of HVAC system Slinger, WI
  • Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils
  • Checking all electrical components
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting fan motor and blower assembly
  • General system cleanup and testing

The lifespan of well-maintained air conditioner can last five to 10 years longer than one that isn’t serviced, and with minimal expenses compared to a new A/C system. Rest assured JM Heating will take every measure to repair any small problems now to save you from future emergency service or replacement. And if your system is under warranty, we’ll document any work done to save you the headache later.

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Get the Most out of Your AC—Schedule Your Annual Maintenance Today

Air conditioner maintenance is one of the most affordable and important services you can use to protect your investment. Get your service on the calendar by calling 262-229-7571 or contacting us online (or let us know if you’d like a quote for a new air conditioner).

Veterans, Firefighters, and Police Officers receive 10% off all parts and service.